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David Llewllyn - Baytree Cottage

“As a person who earns their living working in the energy efficiency arena, buying an energy efficient house was more than just practicing what I preached.

The first time I laid eyes on Baytree Cottage, I knew that it was a property that had been thoughtfully constructed and sensitive to its surroundings. On meeting Robert, I could see that here was a person who perfectly understood how good design and energy efficiency could work together. Not only did he have a deep and passionate knowledge of his subject, he had also taken the time to ensure that the technology he and his team used was correctly specified, installed and commissioned.

Initially, even though I understand to concepts and principles of air source heat pumps, solar thermal systems and heat recovery units, living with it I thought might be a challenge. However, in reality all of these systems are really no different from a “traditional” boiler and radiator system, with one major difference. The running costs.

Not only had Robert’s team used the best energy efficiency technology, they had also made certain that the fabric of the building also worked as efficiently as possible. I added to the efficiency by installing a solar PV array to the property, which again Robert had already thought about by ensuring that the roof it was fitted to was perfectly orientated and angled to maximise the solar harvest. The net result of this was that a 3.76 Kw/h array generated an income in the year of £1599, which combined with the existing technology offset all of the bills associated with the property, including the water bills making Baytree Cottage a utility bill free zone. This in its self is a serious consideration in a time when all utility bills will only ever be increasing.

Living with these systems was very easy: just create the level of heat that suits your lifestyle using very simple controls, the temperature you like your hot water to be, then forget about it. Just relax in the knowledge that you are comfortable, and whatever the utility companies do in terms of price increases you are immune.

Building Regulations are requiring buildings to be more efficient, but if you use Robert and his team for either new build or refurbishment, you will be using a team who really do see these regulations as a minimum standard, and actively want to create buildings which exceed in both performance and design.”

Baytree Cottage 2013

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