Superfast Broadband for the Construction Sector

Posted by Bob Page on Sep 08 - 2015
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WITH Britain’s economy moving in the right direction and the construction industry fuelling economic growth, now is the time for local businesses to capitalise on the multitude opportunities which are starting to appear.


Infrastructure projects, better training and transport links can all super-charge East Anglia’s business environment. However, here at Robert Norman Construction we believe superfast broadband is the tool that will really make the difference to our local economy, and to the ability for contractors like ourselves to win bigger projects.


Here in the East we are blessed for many reasons - our proximity to London being one   major draw for businesses.

But while other regions are motoring ahead, our technology is holding us back.

Without a doubt we have the skills and expertise across most sectors, but in many areas, poor broadband and mobile reception is crippling growth.


Tools for success


The pace of technological advances is quickening and a reliable, fast internet connection is the minimum requirement for even the most basic business model.

Most businesses rely on the internet for the obvious communication elements like email, selling and buying goods and internet based research.

But more frequently, the success of telephone systems, data storage banks and real time design and quality management systems are also based on the speed and dependability of the available internet connection.

Here at Robert Norman Construction, investing in IT was one of our key objectives for growth for 2015. However, we’re quickly realising that you can have the most impressive, whizzy technology, but if you don’t have internet access out on site, it’s rendered useless.

We believe our sales and reputation will suffer if Suffolk does not get up to speed. And not just us, but other Suffolk businesses too, no matter what sector they are in.

Put simply, without the quickest internet connections – whether that is sat at a desktop in an office or on a mobile phone in the depths of the countryside – Suffolk’s potential is being dimmed.


Why it matters so much to us


We spend a lot of time out of the office on site. Building projects can be in the town centre, but they can also be in the depths of the countryside. In order for a project to flow smoothly, for quality to be maintained and for deadlines to be met, it is vital our team can access data and systems which require online connectivity.

When you think of industry sectors which rely on the internet, construction may not come top of your list, but in fact it’s vital to what we do too.

In some parts of Suffolk, the speeds are either very slow or there is no connection at all.

So we’re urging those that can make a difference, to do so, now....before Suffolk gets left behind.

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