Smear Farm Barns

Located adjacent to new build project, Bavent House, these two barns utilise the same renewable heat technology connected through highly insulated underground pipes.

The barns are minimalist in style with rubber-clad floors throughout. The untreated larch cladding will weather in time to a wonderful silvery grey. They also have large aluminium Velfac windows shielded by large timber shutters which give the barns an authentic rustic look at the same time as providing security for when the owners are away.

  • Untreated larch cladding blends the build gently into the surrounding landscape
  • Timber shutters replicate original barn character

Project details

Sustainable technologies
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Highly insulated underground pipes
  • Rubber-clad floors
Location Salt marshes of the Suffolk coast
Completed June 2009
Partners Lucy Marston Architects