The Old Mission Hall

The Old Mission Hall combines both a bold refurbishment with a sympathetic new-build to create a pleasing, sustainable and practical modern home which pays tribute to the past.

The original corrugated iron-clad, timber-frame construction was erected in the 1880s as a Mission Room to serve the village community for a range of activities and like many ‘tin tabernacles’ of its day, it was intended only to be a temporary structure.

Just like a medieval barn, the building was picked up to undertake the groundworks and piling, and to construct a new wall at plate level. Refurbishing and insulating the walls and the steel-clad roof in particular required real consideration.

An open plan kitchen and mezzanine area lend a modern, airy feel to this historic vaulted space and the glass vestibule acts as a bright link to the bedrooms/ bathroom in the single storey new-build section. Here sympathetically designed dormer windows, gothic inspired archways and weatherboarding work in synergy with the original structure.

  • Sympathetic new-build supports refurbishment of this historic 'tin tabernacle'
  • Lowered floor area in open plan kitchen and attractive mezzanine space, making the vaulted ceiling even more of a feature
  • Detail of new-build such as dormer windows echoes the traditional features of the genre of the original structure
  • Use of patio doors and considered landscaping draws the freshness of the lawned garden in and extends the living space outside

Project details

Sustainable technologies
  • Air source heat pump
  • Underfloor heating
Location Pettaugh, Suffolk
Completed April 2013